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7 Storage Unit Tips For Maximizing Space In Your Small Self-Storage Room

As minimalist design styles and economically tiny living spaces, like tiny homes and micro apartments rise in popularity, so too do storage units. In fact, there are now more than 55,000 storage unit facilities in the U.S., each packed with hundreds of storage units.

Storage units are great for storing belongings during a move, opening up additional space in your home, or getting big, bulky items out of the way.

But unless you want to rent a large unit or several, it’s important to learn how to pack your storage unit to make the most of your space.

Whether you already have a unit or are thinking about getting one, keep reading. We’re breaking down 7 storage unit tips you need if you want to maximize your space.

1. Rethink Your Storage Containers

This isn’t referring to your actual storage locker. Instead, this tip involves the containers you place inside of that space.

Maybe you’re moving and just keeping your belongings in a storage space until you can move into your new place. Or you’re using your storage locker as overflow for items that don’t fit into your current home. If you’re in the military, you might be storing your belongings during a deployment.

Either way, if you’re like most people, your belongings are packed in a variety of odds and ends boxes, plastic bins, and garbage bags.

When it comes to self-storage space saving, this is the biggest mistake you could make. The boxes don’t stack well, bags rip and overflow, and your entire locker becomes an impending landslide.

Investing in plastic bins that are all the same shape and size is a great way to make the most of your space. That way, everything stacks together perfectly, and all of your belongings, at least those small enough, are contained.

2. Label Everything

While this tip may not technically save you any space in your storage unit, it will make your life much easier when you need to get something out of storage.

Labeling every box and bin inside your unit makes it fast and simple to find what you’re looking for.

If you move and store your belongings while waiting to get into your next home, this will make it much easier to find what you need until you unpack and move storage into your new space.

If you don’t label your boxes, your only other options would be to leave the items you need out in the open, which would take up a lot of wasted space, or to dig through every box to find what you need each time.

3. Dismantle Furniture

Of the space-saving tips for self-storage on this list, this tip might be the most time-consuming. But depending on the types of items that you’re storing in your unit, it might also be the most important.

If you have large furniture items like desks, beds, dining sets, and more, these can take up a lot of space and leave you with lots of awkward empty gaps that can be a challenge to fill. This means you’re likely to end up with a lot of wasted space.

Dismantling your furniture can help with this. If you’re able to, take apart as much of your furniture as possible, so that you can pack items in flat to make the most of your space.

4. Purge What You Don’t Think You’ll Use

One simple way to free up more space in your storage unit is to purge any items that you are unlikely to ever use again.

It can be tempting to hold onto furniture or keepsakes. But if you are unlikely to ever take them out of storage and place them in your home, then you’re wasting money to store something that you no longer need.

Unless the items have sentimental value, consider selling or donating them to clear up some space.

5. Pack Heavy Items on the Bottom

If you fill your storage unit without much thought to strategizing where you place things, you’ll likely end up with leaning piles. Or you might simply choose not to pack items very high.

But making the most of the vertical space in your storage unit can give you a lot of extra room to store things.

To do this, start by packing your heaviest items on the bottom of your unit. This will help you create a solid base. Then, continue stacking, saving the lightest, smallest items for the very top.

6. Protect Fragile Items Better

If you’re busy worrying about not bumping your favorite picture frames or shattering mirrors you’ve placed in storage, you aren’t going to be able to make the most of your space.

Packing your fragile belongings better will allow you to protect them with ease, and to not worry about leaving them a wide berth in storage.

Old blankets packed into boxes containing breakable items is one great trick. For larger items, consider wrapping them carefully in bubble wrap and taping it in place.

7. Get Creative

Sometimes the best way to make the most of your storage unit is to get creative with your packing.

Once you’ve stacked furniture and your new, uniform boxes, consider your remaining space.

Thin gaps between boxes can be filled with posters, picture frames, or mirrors. Extra space on top of your piles could be a great place to tuck blankets, comforters, and throw pillows. The front of your locker might just have enough space to tuck your bike, a vacuum cleaner, or other tough-to-pack items.

Using Storage Unit Tips to Maximize Your Space

If you already have a unit, these storage unit tips can help you make the most of your space.

But if you don’t have one yet, its time to start shopping. A storage unit can open up your home, allow you to utilize the spaces that you now use for storage, like a garage or basement, or keep your belongings safe during a move.

If you’re ready to start using a storage unit to keep your life and home organized and safe, check out our climate-controlled facilities today!

  1. I’d like to thank you for your explanation that we can dismantle furniture or other items that have that option. Definitely, it will save more space in the storage. We have 3 tables, 2 of them could be dismantled, so we’ll just keep those 2.

  2. I really liked it when you suggested the use of old blankets in securing the fragile items because they will be protected from bumping and other movements. It has been one of the things that I am worried about since a lot of things in my inventory are breakables. It would be nice if, in any way, I can do something to protect them and keep them from breaking as they are pretty pricey. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I found this much useful information about self storage. You share the information is absolutely right. Thanks for sharing the great information. Good Luck!

  4. Thanks for the tips on maximizing the space in your self-storage unit. Labeling your things properly is the first thing you should do because it helps you know what is in each box without having to open it. It’s also nice because you can organize your things by room in different parts of the unit, so all of your kitchen stuff is in one area, living room, etc…

  5. Thank you for suggesting that if you aren’t going to use it, you may want to get rid of it to make more room in your storage unit for things you need. My husband and I are moving and need to find a storage unit to put all of our stuff in while we are between houses. I’ll have to do some research and find the best storage units in our area.

  6. I truly appreciate it when you suggested labeling the things that I plan on storing away because that will allow me to find them easily in case I need to take them out in the future. I plan on keeping a few furniture pieces, and this one got my attention. This is because I am the type of person that forgets where I put things easily. I could always use some sort of guide.

  7. I really liked your idea of getting creative with the storage units. Packing is a fun thing to do when you are trying to get creative. My sister would love knowing this as she looks into getting storage units for her big move.

  8. Thanks for pointing out how plastic bins on the same sizes can help you maximize your space. My dad plans to store all his photography equipment on their respective dry boxes and then hauling them to a nearby self-storage facility. However, I know those things have varying sizes and are in no way uniform. I can really see him having trouble with stacking those up so I’ll be sure to advise him to get large dry boxes that can sit snugly on top of each other when he moves all his stuff to a storage facility.

  9. Thank you for mentioning the idea of getting rid of the items if they are no longer being used in order to make more room for the storage room. I will be sure to do this since I know that more than 1/4 of the storage unit is being used for items that I haven’t used in years. Maybe I can just give them away. After all, I need to store away a few more items, but I do not want to rent a bigger unit.

  10. I have decided that I need to store away at least half of my stuff because my sister will be living with me, and I need to make room for her things. Because of this, I liked it when you mentioned labeling the items so that I can easily find what I am looking for in case I ever need them. This will surely help me because I am a bit forgetful, and I might flip the whole unit when the time comes that I need to find something, and I do not know where it is.

  11. I loved it when you said that I can get rid of the things that I know I will no longer use if I want to make more room in the storage unit. I haven’t found a good storage unit to rent yet, but I will start this purge thing that you are referring to. That way, the only things that I actually take to the unit and keep are the ones that I still need and will use in the future. Thank you for the advice.

  12. I may be getting married within the next year, so I’ve been wanting to organize my storage as preparation for moving. It was helpful when you mentioned that I should invest in plastic bins, as they are easy to stack and durable. These tips will really help me organize my things, so thanks for sharing them.

  13. My husband and I have been thinking about purchasing a self-storage unit for all of our extra storage. As I was reading your article, you state that boxes don’t stack well and bags tend to rip. We will keep this information handy for when we move our extra storage. Thank you for writing such a great article about tips to maximize the self-storage unit space.

  14. I liked your statement about how if you are unlikely to ever take an item out of storage and place them in your home, then you’re wasting money to store something that you no longer need. My husband and I are thinking about moving into a smaller house now that all of our kids are gone, and are considering getting a storage unit to fit all of the stuff that a smaller house probably couldn’t. I will definitely keep all of your great tips and information on storage units in mind when deciding if it would be a good option for us.

  15. Thanks for your suggestion to take advantage of vertical storage opportunities by creating a solid base with the heavier objects/boxes and leaving the lighter/smaller objects for the top. My husband and I are planning on remodeling the entire upper floor of our house, so we’ve been looking for storage options. With this tip in mind, I think a storage unit would work quite well. We’ll have to look for good storage units in our area!

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