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Storage units for summer boat fun

Summer is in full swing, and the temperatures are rising more and more every day. For those who live close to a body of water, there is no doubt that the weekends are spent swimming and cooling off as often as possible; that’s why owning a boat is a popular decision made by many families who can afford it. One issue—besides the price tag—that may stop families from owning their own boat is the lack of storage that there home provides, and this should never be a problem.

Don’t let lack of parking space stop you from owning your own boat! Whether there is no room on the road, or in your driveway, there is still the option of renting out an affordable boat storage unit. Hollywood Self Storage offers 24/7 unit access across three different locations in the CSRA, which makes them a perfect location to store your boat after a long day on the lake. It’s not just for the summer season either. Store your boat all year round to ensure a safe place you can always return to check up on your boat.

Choose between an outdoor storage lot for easy and quick access, or indoor storage for more protection and safety. Both options are protected with camera surveillance, and locks, to provide the best secure location for your boat.

Don’t let your lack of storage stop you from enjoying family fun out on the boat this summer!

Want to rent your own boat storage unit? Learn more about our rates here!

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  1. I found it interesting when you said that lack of parking should not stop us from owning a boat as there is an option of renting out an affordable boat storage unit. Our family is thinking of a new water adventure and boating comes to our mind, but due to lack of space in our backyard, we are unable to buy a boat. I will inform my father that we can try renting a boat storage to store the boat if we buy one.

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