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Self Storage Solutions for Growing Businesses

We’ve touched on self storage needs for your business, but we thought it would be good to revisit the topic and talk a little bit about ways to help your growing business.  It seems like whenever a business is growing and is on the move, there is never enough room.  Whether it is boxes of old files or inventory that needs a temporary place to stay, self storage can provide a number of solutions.

Old files

Files and file and files.  Even though the majority of information resides on your computer, there is the inevitable mountain of paperwork that you need to hang onto.  Where do you keep it?  Is it piled up in a closet or a corner, just getting in the way?  Self storage is the perfect solution for paperwork clutter.  Label those boxes and put them away into self storage.  They’ll stay organized and they won’t be an eyesore around the office.

Warehousing inventory

If you own a retail space, you know how hard it is to keep the right amount of inventory on hand.  Not only that, storing it in your location is not always convenient.  And, who wants to rent out expensive warehouse space when you may not have that much to store?  Self storage is the perfect solution.  We recommend that you rent a space a little larger than you need at the present time, that way you’ll have room to grow.

Storage while you move

Many growing businesses are always on the move.  Outgrowing your office space?  Put your expendable items into self storage while you are sorting and organizing for your move.  Too many times, a business will try to move without organizing first, and it becomes a nightmare of clutter.  One way to avoid that is to put non-essential items into self storage so it will be out of the way.  Once you’ve moved everything else, you can move the other items at your leisure.

Storage while renovating

Renovating your office space?  Get everything out of the way by putting it into self storage. It will be much easier for the renovators to work, and it gives you a chance to keep everything organized and out of the way of progress.

Do you have questions about self storage opportunities for your business? Give us a call today, because we have the answers.  Hollywood Self-Storage on Belair Road is Augusta, Georgia’s favorite choice for self-storage.


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