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Why storage units are perfect for college students

For college students, summer break is a time for relaxing, working part-time jobs, and for most—returning home to live with their parents until the next semester begins. Moving back in with parents is an easy way for students to save money between semesters, but it also means

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Use strategy when storing in your unit

When you finally decide to rent your own storage unit, it is important to be organized and strategic in how you are storing your items. Many people who use a storage unit need it as a quick fix for the overflow of personal belongings that they no

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Why renting a unit is perfect if your moving

There are many perks to renting your own storage unit that come in handy when you are in the process of moving. Having an extra space to store and organize your belongings can go a long way in eliminating the stress and confusion during the moving process,

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Rules to follow for spring storage unit cleaning

Transitioning from winter to spring means warmer clothes, longer days, and spring cleaning. For those who rent a storage unit, this time of year shouldn’t only be a time to clean your home, but also your storage unit as well! Overtime, you may find out that you

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Store your boat with us this warm season

April marks the month when the weather in Georgia decides to stay warm, and soon enough become hot. Being located so close to the lake, and only a few hours from the ocean, owning boat is not an uncommon reality for many residents of Augusta. For enjoying

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Spring self-storage guide

  Spring has finally arrived, and the weather is finally beginning to warm up! Not only is the season change a good time to become more active and enjoy the outdoors, but it is also the perfect opportunity to do some “spring-cleaning” in your storage unit. Over

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What to keep or store this spring

Although it can still remain a little chilly up until summer finally arrives, it is safe to say that the cold winter temperatures are finally beginning to disappear. Now that you can spend more time outside, you can begin to decide what items you should be keeping

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Items you never knew you should keep in storage

Overtime our everyday possessions begin to build up, and it comes to the point where we may begin to start throwing away certain items from the past that we think we no longer need. While there are many things that need to be thrown away, there are

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Why choose Hollywood Self Storage?

When it comes to finding the perfect, safe, and affordable storage unit to hold your valuable positions, there are many questions that come to mind about the company you choose. For some, the important aspects of a unit involve size and cleanliness, while others depend on security.

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Protect your items this winter with climate control units

Now that the New Year has come, it brings with it the coldest months of the year. When it comes to storing your personal items in a storage unit, many people have the idea that cold weather could potentially damage certain belongings that are being stored. Luckily

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