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Hide your presents this Christmas!

The Christmas season is here! A season for spending time with family, enjoying fuzzy sweaters and hot chocolate, and for those with children, trying to find the best spots to hide their presents until Christmas morning. Most parents can agree that finding a hiding place for gifts

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What not to store in your unit this winter

While colder temperatures here in the south don’t always show up in the early winter months, it is always best to prepare your unit for any surprise burst of cold weather that can often come out of nowhere. Unless you are renting out a unit that is

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Diminish clutter and eliminate stress

For most, your home is a place meant for relaxation and comfort, a safe-haven from the world to make you feel at peace. While this is true for most people, some may not realize that their home can actually be adding to the stress of the world—and

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Holiday’s and storage clean-up

The Holiday season is approaching fast, and that means it is time to dig through your storage unit and take out those decorations. For those who are big into the Halloween season, it is safe to say that you probably have more spooky decorations than you know

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Keeping your unit clean

When you have a storage rental you most likely don’t think about the issues of cleanliness that may come about overtime. While units don’t require as much attention as your home due to low traffic coming in and out, you should still consider making occasional cleaning visits

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Prepare your unit for the fall season

Now that summer has come to an end, the air will begin to become crisp and cool as the next few months of fall lead up into the winter season. While in Augusta, the heat doesn’t seem to wear off as quickly in the start of the

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Easy and important steps that are often forgotten while storing your items

Storage units are meant as an easy option for giving you more room to breathe around the house, but it shouldn’t be a task that is taken without planning. There are many easy mistakes that can be made while you are storing your valuable belongings, and many

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Properly store your clothing

When it comes to storing valuables, some items need to be properly stored in order to keep them in safe and top condition. Clothing doesn’t seem like a stored item that needs proper storage tactics, but there are many problems that can arise if storing your clothing

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Be smart when storing your vehicle

Whether you are storing a your vehicle for a few weeks while you go on vacation, or you need a place to park your collectible car that you never drive, there are a few steps you should take before leaving the vehicle locked in your unit. Give

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What to avoid storing in your unit

What to avoid storing in your unit

What to avoid storing in your unit Many items are an obvious bad choice when it comes to what to store and what not to store in your unit, but at times you may question, is this item storable? Here is a list of items that should

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