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Self Storage Evans GA

Conserving Space

One of the easiest traps to fall into with self storage is clutter and disorganization.  Even with the best of intentions, over time people tend to get careless and begin shoving items into storage without thinking about the long-term consequences.  Once your self storage unit is taken

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Preparing Appliances for Self-Storage

If you are moving or find yourself with an extra appliance, self storage is often the perfect solution for keeping appliances long term.  Whether it is an additional refrigerator or freezer, or a washer/dryer set, there are special precautions you should take before you put them in

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Things You Should NOT Put in Self Storage

Now is a good time to take a moment and talk about what you should NOT put into your self storage unit.  Sometimes it is easy to forget safety procedures and just put any old thing into storage without thinking about the consequences.  When you do that,

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