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Advantages of Using Climate Controlled Storage Units

Advantages of Using Climate Controlled Storage Units

Most of us have rented a storage unit at some point in our lives. Have you ever gone into your storage unit after months of storage time to find unexpected damage to your property? Climate controlled storage units can help eliminate the fear of this damage to your precious goods.

A standard storage unit may get the job done for certain storage applications. But you may not have considered how they can leave property subject to external conditions.

By spending a few more dollars to secure a climate controlled unit, you might save yourself hundreds — or even thousands — of dollars in damages.

But is the extra expense actually worth it?

Let’s take a look at the many advantages of using climate controlled storage units.

Then you can decide for yourself.

Climate Controlled Storage Units Protect Against Extreme Temperatures

In many locations throughout the country, temperatures can range from well-below-freezing in the winter, to over 100 degrees in July and August.

These huge temperature fluctuations can damage your items in a non-climate controlled environment.

Due to these extreme changes in temperature, delicate belongings like antiques, musical instruments, and wood furniture can be damaged.

The last thing you want to see when you open the door to your storage unit is splitting, warping and cracking due to the fluctuating temperatures.

Climate controlled storage units are kept at a more even temperature, typically well above freezing and below 80 degrees.

When to Consider Climate Controlled Storage

If you’re storing any of the following items, strongly consider a climate controlled unit:

  • Wood furniture and antiques
  • Instruments
  • Bedding and mattresses
  • Old magazines and books
  • All electronics
  • Valued business and personal documents
  • Family photos
  • Art
  • Upholstered furniture

While a standard unit might get the job done for a few of these applications, sometimes it’s not worth the risk.

Opting For Humidity Control Provides Even More Peace of Mind

Many climate controlled storage units offer the option of humidity control.

While this might sound like overkill to some, the fluctuations in outdoor humidity can be significant in many areas of the country.

Typically, when seasons change so do humidity levels.

When you talk to a storage unit representative, ask them if the units you’re interested in also offer humidity control. If they do, find out where they keep their base humidity level.

The best humidity controlled units will keep it at about 55% year-round using a humidity removal process.

If you’re storing antiques, humidity control is especially important. Excess moisture lingering in the air can cause antiques to rot, crack and warp.

Avoid the Fear of Mildew

In addition, expect units that are not humidity controlled to be subject to the growth of mildew. These units can remain damp during fall and spring seasons, leading to unwanted mildew.

At that point, is doesn’t really matter what you’re storing. When items are stored in humid conditions for an extended period of time, they’re going to smell like they’ve been sitting in a wet basement.

That’s obviously not what you’re looking for.

However, too much humidity and moisture aren’t the only problems. If there’s not enough humidity, the dryness in the air could also damage wooden items.

When this happens, you’ll open your storage door to find unexpected splinters, severely dry wood, and craze.

Excessively dry air could also damage stored wine, electronics, and delicate instruments.

Maybe you don’t want to pay the extra amount for a humidity controlled storage unit. In this case, make sure to go to your unit on a regular basis. Open the doors wide on nice days and let fresh air in.

This will help get rid of excess humidity and unwanted odors.

The Air Quality in Climate Controlled Storage Units is Great

While looking for a new storage unit, have you stopped to consider the air quality in it? Many people don’t.

Standard storage units aren’t sealed in the way a climate controlled unit is. A standard unit allows the outside air inside 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A climate controlled unit is completely sealed off from the outdoor elements. They constantly clean and circulate the air inside.

Because of this, there’s really no reason to waste time driving to your unit just to let fresh air inside. It’s already keeping the existing air as fresh as possible.

When storing important documents and electronics, the quality of air within your storage unit should be at the top of your list.

Keep Dust and Debris Off Your Belongings

Want to find your items just as you left them, even if they’ve been stored for years — or even a decade?

Think climate controlled storage.

A good climate controlled unit will be contained within a building that is sealed. It’ll have insulated floors, walls and ceilings.

Because of this, you’ll rarely see any dirt tracked in or flooding damages.

The last thing you want is for mice or other rodents to make a home out of your possessions. Because climate controlled units are indoors and sealed, there’s little chance of this happening — unlike standard units.

When you open the door to your unit, you’ll find your belongings free of dust and debris — just the way you left them when they were first stored.

Total Peace of Mind Will Typically Cost a Little Extra

Expect to pay a little more when securing a climate controlled storage unit. The added expense, however, is easily offset by the complete peace of mind you’ll have knowing your precious belongings are protected from the harsh elements outside the doors.

No one can predict harsh, fluctuating weather patterns. A climate controlled unit keeps you free from worry no matter how bad conditions get outside.

Keep in mind that if you’re storing personal property that isn’t valuable or storing for a very short period of time, a standard storage unit should get the job done just fine.

If it’s Time to Store Some Stuff

If you’re in or around Augusta, GA and looking to store your items short- or long-term, get in touch with us. Let’s discuss what option works best for you.

If one of our climate controlled storage units makes the most sense, we’d love for you to take a look.


Climate Controlled Storage Units

  1. Having humidity control in your storage unit is definitely worth it. It’s not worth putting your belongings into storage for them to get damaged by mold and corrosion.

  2. That’s really cool that a climate-controlled storage unit will have circulated and clean air 24/7. I want to find somewhere to store a few paintings my grandmother did that I don’t currently have room for in my home. I bet that they would really benefit from clean air. So, I’ll just have to find a climate-controlled storage unit.

  3. My wife and I are thinking about using a storage unit to store out extra stuff while we switch houses, but we aren’t sure where to start. I like that you suggest using a climate-controlled storage unit so the moisture doesn’t ruin your belongings. I don’t want to risk ruining our furniture, so we’ll be sure to ask for a climate-controlled unit. Thanks for sharing!

  4. My husband and I are planning on storing some of our extra technology in a storage facility and we are wondering if it would be worth it to go for a climate controlled unit. So thanks for pointing out that keeping our belongings safe from the elements outside is worth the small extra cost. We will definitely be going with a climate-controlled storage unit since we know all of our technology will be kept very safe.

  5. My grandfather is an antique collector. And there are a lot of his collection occupied in our home. I was thinking of moving them to a storage unit. After reading this blog I am thinking of moving them to a Climate Controlled storage unit. So that his collection wouldn’t get damaged and stay the way they are now. Thank You!

  6. I like how you said that even though there is a bit of extra expense when renting a climate controlled storage unit you will be able to have more comfort in where you are storing. My mom just gave us a bunch of pictures and heirlooms that we just don’t have room for in our home. We want everything to stay preserved so I think a unit would be great! If we can keep the climate one temperature that would probably be even better.

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