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Properly store your clothing

When it comes to storing valuables, some items need to be properly stored in order to keep them in safe and top condition. Clothing doesn’t seem like a stored item that needs proper storage tactics, but there are many problems that can arise if storing your clothing incorrectly. Bugs, distortion, and mold damage are all examples of the result of improper clothing storage.

How do you avoid these problems? There are a few easy steps you can take to make sure your clothes stay in the same condition that you left them in.

1.  Use proper storage containers

Cardboard boxes are too old school—and are extremely ineffective when it comes to clothing storage. They are not airtight, and leave plenty of open area for bugs to make a home. What you need is a plastic storage container. The ability to encase your clothes in an airtight environment will keep them safe from any unwanted bugs that could potentially damage your clothes.

2.  Store clean clothes only

While this may seem like an obvious step to take, even the slightest dirty clothes can potentially lead to a messy situation after being stored for a long period of time. Stains and smells can set in if your clothes are not completely clean, which can lead to permanent damage.

3. Placement of clothing

While storing clothes can be as easy as using one box for multiple types of clothing, there is a certain way of placing these clothes altogether. Be sure to place the heavier clothing items, such as winter coats, sweaters etc. on the bottom of the stack. This will prevent the lighter clothing from being smashed and wrinkled, which could lead to long term damage to your clothing.

4. Climate options

Keeping your clothes in a climate controlled storage unit is the best option in terms of keeping your clothes in perfect condition. Luckily, at Hollywood Self Storage, climate controlled units are available. Keeping your clothes in a cool and sunless environment will prevent damage, especially discoloring that can come from the sun. Also, be sure to store your clothing in a dry environment to prevent the risk of mold—using a plastic airtight container like mentioned above will insure that your clothes stay safe and dry.

Following these steps will guarantee a safe and sound storage life for your clothing—whether you are storing your winter wardrobe for the summer, or holding onto vintage clothes that you no longer have room for in your home.

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