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Storing Equipment and Tools

Equipment Storage

Are you using self storage for equipment and tools?  There are some important things you should know before you put anything into self storage.  These tips are not only for your safety, but also to protect your property while it’s in self storage.

Empty fuel from motors

If you are storing motorized equipment, such as lawnmowers or chainsaws, make sure there is NO fuel in them.  Fuel is a fire hazard and should not be stored in a self storage unit.  Not only are you putting your own property in danger, but you are putting other people’s property in danger, too.  Again, no fuel or flammable liquids are to be stored in a unit.

Protect from rust

Any metal tools or metal equipment in your storage unit should be treated and protected from rust.  You can use a specially made rust protector, like WD40 or something similar.  Simply rub down exposed metal with the protectant.  You don’t have to overdo it, because a light coating will do the trick.  You should especially do this with items that are going to be sitting for a long time.  Even in climate control, exposed metal parts can experience moisture and create rust over time.

Make sure they’re clean

Nothing will make your self storage unit dirty faster than power equipment that is put away without being cleaned.  Everything in your unit will be filthy before you know it.  Make it a rule to never store dirty equipment or tools in your storage unit.  It is much easier to keep it clean on a regular basis than to try and clean after a long period of time.

Need more tips for your self storage unit?  Give us a call here at Hollywood Self-Storage on Belair Road in Evans, Georgia.  We’re the equipment storage experts in the Augusta area and we’ll be happy to answer any questions for you!

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