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Hide your presents this Christmas!

The Christmas season is here! A season for spending time with family, enjoying fuzzy sweaters and hot chocolate, and for those with children, trying to find the best spots to hide their presents until Christmas morning.

Most parents can agree that finding a hiding place for gifts can be a hard task to accomplish—especially the older and more curious children get. Your hiding spot from last year may have worked, but this year, it will be the first place your child will try and snoop. After so many years, it seems that all of the usually perfect hideaways become the most obvious go to spot for your child to dig through.

However, there is one place that you can guarantee your child will never even get a glance at the wrapping paper—a storage unit. Renting out a unit is an affordable and easy option to keep your children guessing when it comes to what they will be opening on Christmas morning. Whether you already own a unit for storing your possessions, or you get one just specifically for holiday purposes, storage units are a great place to lock away items that you want to keep a secret!

At Hollywood Self Storage, units come in a wide variety of sizes and prices. If you just need a safe place to hide your gifts, you can simply rent out a small unit to store your items for the month up until Christmas. Units are even large enough that if needed, you could wrap the presents there for extra security purposes! With 24/7 security cameras, and personal locks on every unit, there really is no safer space to keep your children’s—or even spouses—eyes off their presents this year!

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