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Holiday’s and storage clean-up

The Holiday season is approaching fast, and that means it is time to dig through your storage unit and take out those decorations. For those who are big into the Halloween season, it is safe to say that you probably have more spooky decorations than you know what to do with—but that’s ok! With your own self-storage unit, you will have plenty of space to store away old and new decorations that you accumulate over the years.

Removing Halloween supplies and even get a jump start on Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, will give you some extra space in your unit for items that you most likely won’t need going into fall and winter.  Items such as summer clothing or lawn care tools would be a good choice because they would rarely be used during the cold seasons.

Even if you aren’t planning on using all or any of your supplies from last year, it is still best to take the time to go through them in your unit and decide whether or not you want to use them, or if you want to throw them out. Special annual events such as this are perfect times to go through old boxes that you haven’t seen in a year, and pick out items you want to keep or get rid of. This will allow you to open up your unit for more items that you actually need and want to keep!

Take the time this season for a little storage clean-up and prevent yourself from become a storage unit pack rat!

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