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7 Benefits of Using Self Storage in Fort Gordon During Military Deployment

military storage

When you are considering storage options for keeping your items safe while on military deployment, you may not know the best possible way to do things.

Storing your belongings in Fort Gordon doesn’t have to be a hassle. You already have enough to worry about.

Renting a military storage unit for your items is the best bet for many reasons.

In this article, we’ll provide seven benefits to storing your items in a storage unit in Fort Gordon while you are overseas or away from home.

1. All in One Place

One of the best reasons to do things this way is that all of your belongings are kept together in one place.

Instead of having your clothes in your mom’s attic, your kitchen tools being used by a friend, your important documents in a bank safe, and your day to day items in a shabby apartment somewhere, you can keep all of it together.

You won’t have to try to remember where you’ve put everything or whom you’ve entrusted it to.

Keeping all of your items in one organized place makes it easy for you to keep track of everything and avoid hassles or confusion.

2. No Worries

Best of all, taking out a military storage unit can help provide peace of mind.

No need to worry about the condition of your home or belongings, and no fears about whether or not other people are taking care of them properly.

By simply keeping all of your items together in one safe, secure, and climate controlled storage unit, you can trust that they are being kept in pristine condition and that no one is touching anything or moving your things around.

Getting a storage unit helps remove worries about the status or condition of the items you cherish.

3. Keep Your Items Safe

When weighing your military storage options, you need to consider what items you’ll be storing and how sensitive they are.

For example, if you have boxes of clothes and household items that are very resistant to danger, you can opt for any old unit.

But if you want to keep items like sensitive documents, old keepsakes, or expensive furniture safe, you’re going to want to spring for a climate controlled unit and make sure that your items stay cool and free of humidity.

Keeping your items safe inside a locked, secured military storage unit will ensure that they remain untouched and undamaged.

Ensuring that they receive the best possible care will help you trust that your items will be in the same condition upon your return from deployment.

4. Won’t Inconvenience Family and Friends

Some deployed soldiers choose to keep their items with family and friends if they are heading overseas and have nowhere else to put these items. The military does not offer military storage, so you’re on your own to figure out what to do with your belongings.

Family and friends may generously offer to store your items for you. While this is a very kind offer, not everyone likes to do this. On top of possibly inconveniencing them, there are risks associated with this option, too.

For example, what if a hurricane comes and their house gets damaged? What if they decide to move and no longer have room for your items?

All of these possibilities could very well happen if you store your items with family and friends. Eliminate this risk altogether by simply keeping your items in your own storage that no one else is responsible for.

5. Low Cost

The cost of renting a storage unit is much cheaper than having a house sitting empty.

If you’ve considered buying or renting a home to keep your stuff in while you are deployed, there are many reasons why simply renting a storage unit is a better option. The significantly smaller cost is one of them.

Instead of having your home full of stuff sitting out and possibly experiencing wear, break-ins, or damage caused by leaks or winds that are not immediately addressed, you can simply skip all of those potential dangers and keep your stuff in storage instead.

Military storage facilities will keep your items safe, clean, and undamaged, and you don’t have to worry at all about the usual homeowner concerns. There’s no chance of your landlord changing his mind or your house burning down.

Instead, you pay one low monthly fee and your items are carefully and safely stored in a climate controlled unit that will cost you very little money.

6. Easy Access

A military storage unit provides easy access to your items when you need them. You’ll have a special key code or lock that will grant you entry into the storage complex, another key that lets you in the door, and then finally another key that opens up your individual unit.

You can either keep a copy of these keys with your or give a set to a trusted family member, like a parent. This way, they are able to access the storage unit for you if you need something.

Otherwise, you are simply granted easy access to your unit if you ever need to turn stuff over between assignments. Having quick and simple access to your items by simply taking a trip to the storage unit gives you a good bit of freedom.

Make sure to keep your unit organized for the most hassle-free experience possible.

7. Hassle Free Move Upon Your Return

When you’re done with your deployment and it’s time to move back home, having a military storage unit makes this simple.

You’ll simply need to hire a moving company or rent a van, unload your unit, and drop off your items at their new home.

It couldn’t be easier to handle a move when you’ve been keeping all of your items in one safe and organized spot.

Looking for Military Storage?

If you are seeking good storage options to keep your belongings safe while you are deployed, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer military specials for those on active duty.

Our rates are fair and our storage units are safe, secure, and a great deal for anyone looking for a place to put their belongings.

Contact us today if you have any questions or are ready to begin renting out your storage unit.

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  1. It would be nice to have my sensitive documents kept in storage if I were in the military. As well, I am sure my wife would love to put her mother’s old things into storage. That way we could keep them safe and not worry about them getting damaged.

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