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Left Over Moving Boxes? Five Alternative Uses

You’ve packed up, moved out, unpacked and moved in. You still have dozens of cardboard moving boxes piled up in the corner staring at you, actually starting to mock you. So now what? Don’t throw them away before reading these five ways you can reinvent the traditional use of the moving box.

Got oil?

Cardboard moving boxes serve as a great catcher for leaky oil from cars in the garage and can prevent the oil from staining the concrete floor. Additionally, moving boxes can be flattened to serve as a catch-all during car maintenance.

Got kids?

Do not underestimate the ability of a cardboard moving box to serve as the most entertaining babysitter ever imagined! I can’t tell you the days, weeks, years I spent as a child playing around with a cardboard box. I’m surprised that I ever came out of one. Whenever mom and dad would buy a big screen T.V. or refrigerator, I would be glowing with anticipation of turning that moving box into anything my imagination could come up with–rocket, castle, cave. Don’t forget that a cardboard box can also serve as a puzzle to be created, cut out, and put back together again as well as pretty much anything along the arts and crafts line.

Got pets?

Yep, your other “kids” deserve to benefit from this too. Moving boxes can easily be cut into squares that fit perfectly into cages, kennels, or litter boxes serving as a bottom liner. If you have a new puppy that is potty training then what better material to train him on than cardboard?

Got fire?

Cut the cardboard moving boxes into small strips and save them to start fires while starting a campfire or indoor fireplace. Cardboard is a very flammable and easy way to get the job done.

Got pictures?

Cardboard makes a great backing for photos in frames for protection and support. Stores actually sell cardboard for this purpose, but since you have an endless supply of it you won’t have to waste your money.


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