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Avoidable Moving-Related Injuries

Forget baseball and fireworks, moving is the REAL all-American pastime. Whether it’s moving to your stuff to a new self storage unit or hauling it across the country, moving can be a real pain the neck. I am definitely no stranger to moving. It seemed as if my college years consisted mostly of moving back and forth between home and dorm, separated by the occasional all-nighter. Not to mention, most of the boxes weighed as much as me and I often lived on the top floor with no elevator, of course. So it’s no surprise that moving can sometimes cause mild to serious injuries. However, they can be minimized with a little caution.

The first avoidable and most common moving injury is back pain. From simple over use to slipped discs, moving can often cause lower back pain after carrying and lifting a large number of heavy items. This can be avoided if you lift with your legs (positioned apart) and not with your back. When possible, it’s always good idea to use a dolly. A second avoidable moving injury is broken bones. When heavy boxes and bones enter the ring, it’s always ugly. Fingers are often most susceptible to being broken or smashed between a door frame or wall. A third avoidable moving injury is a pulled muscle. When you place an unexpected strain on a weak or ill-prepared muscle, damage is always a risk. Dehydration can also cause a pulled muscle, so it’s smart to drink plenty of fluids on moving day. Always lift items smoothly and slowly, and push rather than pull.

Break a leg (or should we say good luck) in your moving endeavors! Don’t forget to call Hollywood Self Storage for all of your storage questions!


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