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Things You Should NOT Put in Self Storage

Now is a good time to take a moment and talk about what you should NOT put into your self storage unit.  Sometimes it is easy to forget safety procedures and just put any old thing into storage without thinking about the consequences.  When you do that, you can affect the safety of yourself and others.

No Flammable or Toxic Chemicals

This should be obvious, but you should never store flammable or toxic chemicals or substances in your self storage unit.  For example, gasoline is a highly flammable and explosive chemical, and it should never be put in self-storage.  This category includes anything else that is flammable such as kerosene, paint thinner, or propane.

No Weapons or Firearms

Weapons, firearms and ammunition are another no-no, simply because of the risk of someone getting hurt.  Ammunition can also be volatile and explode under certain conditions.  This includes antique or collectible weapons that are used for display purposes.

No Junk Vehicles

Do not store junk vehicles in your self storage unit.  Junk vehicles post a safety threat for many reasons, mainly from the danger of leaking fluids and exposed parts. This also goes for old tires, which should not be stored in your self-storage unit.

No Perishable Food

Perishable food is a huge problem for self storage units.  Not only can it go bad and cause odors, but it can also attract vermin like rats and roaches.  The last thing you want is an infested self storage unit, so be sure to avoid storing any perishable food.

No Pets

It should go without saying, but you should not allow pets or live animals to live in your self storage unit, even if it is climate controlled.  If you need a place to house your pet, you should look into a kennel or animal boarding facility.

If you have more questions about what is and what isn’t allowed in your self-storage unit, please contact us here at Hollywood Self-Storage on Belair Road in Evans, Georgia.

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