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How to Pack Certain Items for Self Storage

Different items need to be packed differently when you are putting things away for self storage.  Here are a few helpful tips on packing certain items.

Use boxes when possible

Every item should be in a box, when possible.  If the item is too big for a box, you may want to cover it somehow to protect it from dust, etc.  It is better not to wrap items in plastic bags that can be sealed because of condensation, so be careful.

Bubble wrap breakable items

We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s important to cover all breakable items in bubble wrap.  Styrofoam “peanuts” are also a good addition to boxes with breakable items.

Store clothes in clothing boxes

Instead of stuffing clothes into regular boxes, put them into clothing-specific boxes.  This will help your clothes retain their shape, and it will keep them organized.

Protect furniture

It’s a good idea to cover wood furniture with moving blankets or thick cloths so they don’t get bumped and scratched.   If you are dismantling furniture to save space, be sure to wrap individual pieces to protect them, too.

Box your electronics

Pack your electronics in their original boxes if you still have them.  If not, make sure you pack the boxes tightly with cushioning so they don’t shift around while moving.

Empty fuel from gas-powered items

If you are storing a gas-powered item, such as a lawnmower or car, be sure you have emptied the fuel tanks.  This is for safety purposes, not only for your storage unit but for the others around you.

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