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Keeping Pests Out of Your Self Storage Unit

The South and bugs go together like, well, peas and carrots. Pests are not only an annoyance but can also damage your belongings. Follow these tips to make sure they don’t invade your storage unit.

  1. Clean items before storing. Clothes are a perfect example of items that should be cleaned before storage because dirty garments contain human oils and perspiration that can attract pests. Moisture creates the perfect environment for mildew, so you will also want to make sure that the clothes are fully dry. Dry-cleaned garments store better because the chemical process reduces chances of a bug infestation. Don’t starch any items beforehand, as it could attract silverfish. Remember to always check pockets for gum, money, and paper.
  2. Don’t leave food or live plants in storage. This tip may seem like a no-brainer, but if you accidentally bring along even one non-secured food item to your storage unit, it could be turned upside down by pests looking for their next meal. This includes cleaning furniture and kitchen appliances (such as toaster ovens) where crumbs and food debris might hide. Leave live plants at home, as the soil and root structure provide the perfect habitat for ants and other insects to thrive.
  3. Use insect/animal repellents. Place moth balls and cedar blocks in your storage unit to repel pests from clothing, especially from wool garments. However, beware that mothballs can stain, so it’s best to not put them in direct contact with your garments. Other repellents that work well include insecticides, roach/ant baits, or natural deterrents such as lavender, sage, or mint. If it’s necessary to place mouse traps in your unit, don’t use food (such as peanut butter or cheese) as bait. You may solve the mouse problem, but you’ll be creating another.
  4. Store boxes on raised platforms. I always dread picking up boxes that have been sitting for a while because 9 times out of 10, there is going to be some sort of biting creature that has found refuge underneath. Storing boxes on a raised pallet prevents insects (such as ants and silverfish) from thriving underneath boxes that would otherwise be stored directly on the ground.
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  1. That’s good to know that dirty clothes will attract pests from the scent on them. I would think that would make sense since insects seem to like smelly things. I’ll have to make sure to clean any clothes that I decide to put into storage if I decide to get a unit.

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