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A self storage unit can help you sell your house

One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to sell your house is to declutter. A Self storage unit is an ideal situation for decluttering your home while it is on the market.


  1. Remove personal items so the buyer can visualize themselves living there. Personal photographs , religious items, trophies, family heirlooms and knick knacks can all be put into storage.
  2. Neutralize paint colors. Just because you love it doesn’t mean they will.
  3. Remove large and excess furniture. It will make your rooms look larger and accent your square footage.
  4. Take inventory of your personal belongings before you put your house on the market. Decide what you can get rid of, store or donate.
  5. Clean out your closets and cupboards. If your closets look overflowing the buyer may think there is not enough storage in the house.
  6. Don’t forget the garage. Store large items such as lawn mowers, holiday decorations and tools.

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