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A 5’x5’ Self Storage Unit Saved My Marriage!

It only took 15 years of marriage to realize that my color coded Holiday decorations had become the angst of my husband. You know what I’m talking about, right? It seems that from the beginning of October thru New Years my house becomes a place of shoving and hiding. From the first scarecrow to the 7’ tall pre-lit Christmas tree it is a challenge to find enough closets and cupboards to hide everything.

Over the years I have become a master at packing the holiday decorations in nice, color-coded plastic storage bins. Orange and purple for Halloween, brown for Thanksgiving, and red and green for Christmas. Brilliant, I know. Until the day the lawn mower didn’t fit next to all my brightly colored bins.

The 5’x5’ self storage units saved me.

Keeping your holiday decorations neatly organized and labeled will save you time and stress over the busiest season on the year. Since you know you have the extra storage space, keep the original packaging. You will know exactly what it is and it fits perfectly.

After the holidays is the best time to purchase storage bins, wrapping paper, holiday decorations and lights. Take advantage of the discounts but be sure to pack and label them so they will be ready to use next year.

Save a marriage, get a storage unit!

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