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Keeping your unit clean

When you have a storage rental you most likely don’t think about the issues of cleanliness that may come about overtime. While units don’t require as much attention as your home due to low traffic coming in and out, you should still consider making occasional cleaning visits to your unit and the items inside. Leaving your unit to become dusty, dirty and cluttered will only make it more difficult when the time comes to move your items out.

Storage rentals are an easy place for bugs and critters to find home. Without the occasional check up to your storage unit, you could be allowing a breeding ground for an insect intruders and spider webs that could end up taking over and damaging your stored items. A simple check-up every few weeks or once a month can help prevent these intrusions and keep your items clean of any unwanted mess.

You may also end up having to store items that may need to be checked on every so often. Especially when storing weather sensitive items in a non-climate controlled unit, make sure you check on items that can be damaged when exposed to too much heat or cold. For any items that are not in a box and are exposed, cover them with a light sheet or something similar to keep them from being exposed to light, and safe from dust build up.

Treat your unit like a second home! Nobody wants a dirty environment, especially when our precious belongings are having to be stored amongst it all.

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