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Easy and important steps that are often forgotten while storing your items

Storage units are meant as an easy option for giving you more room to breathe around the house, but it shouldn’t be a task that is taken without planning. There are many easy mistakes that can be made while you are storing your valuable belongings, and many of them are easily overlooked and unthought-of. Here are some mistakes that many people may make while beginning their storage unit adventure.

1.  Not having an organized plan

Storage units are usually not large enough to lose your items in, but when boxes begin to stack and you start fitting items in whatever empty spot is left, you could soon be left in the dark of where you placed in item that you will end up digging for in the future. Sketch out a plan, label your boxes, and place things accordingly, so when the day comes that you need to pick up your kitchen dishes, you know exactly where to look.

2.  Trapping items out of reach

When you first start placing your items in your unit, it may seem like the best option to start in the back and work your way to the front with stacking boxes. If you are storing all your items to stay for a long time, this may not be a big deal—but if you plan to visit your unit regularly for items you may need, this option can become a big burden. Plan out exactly where you want your items to be placed, with the less needed items in the back and the ones you will need towards the front. This will prevent you from having to climb and dig through boxes to find exactly what you are looking for when the times comes.

3. Forgetting small details

There are small little details many don’t think about before storing certain items. Did you clean all your clothes to prevent stains or smells? Did you empty out the gas tank in the lawn mower? Is the toaster oven clean of all left over food and crumbs? There are little steps you must remember before placing items such as these in your storage unit. Forgetting easy steps such as these can lead to issues such as bugs being attracted to your unit, and smells that could end up damage many of your items being stored.

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  1. Sketching out a plan sounds like a good idea. The apartment I’m moving into is smaller than my current place. I’m pretty sure that not all my stuff will fit, so I’ve been considering renting a storage unit.

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