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Supplies You Need for Self Storage

If you’ve been reading our blog for any amount of time, you know that proper self storage is more than just shoving a bunch of your items into a self storage unit.  In order to save yourself a lot of headaches and trouble, you should keep your unit organized and clean in order to protect your belongings.  In order to do this, there are a few things you need to make sure your self storage experience is the best it can be.

Some very basic supplies you will need are boxes, tape, packing material, labels, and markers. It may be easy to go cheap on these kinds of supplies, but it is better to spend a little extra and go with high quality materials when possible.  Nothing will make your self storage experience worse than cheap boxes that fall apart when they’re moved around.  Plus, buying the proper packing material will protect your fragile items when you’re moving boxes around.

Beyond that, there are a few other things you may need according to what you’re storing. You may need drop cloths, twine or rope, moving blankets for padding, plastic wrap, and pallets for keeping certain items off the floor.   It’s better to assess your needs *before* you start moving items into your self storage unit.  You may want to go back through our blog and refresh your memory about the many different things you can do to keep your unit organized.  The more you prepare, the better your experience will be.

If you need any other suggestions or advice about getting the most out of your self-storage unit, contact us today at Hollywood Self-Storage on Belair Road in Evans, Georgia. We’ll be happy to share our expertise on self storage.

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