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Summertime Storage

What items are best for summer storage?

Summertime is one of the best seasons to rent out a storage unit for a few months. Whether you are going out of town, or having visitors come into town, a storage unit can help in multiple ways to prepare you for summer.

  1. Make room for your guests.

It’s no news that summer brings in a lot of vacation and traveling time for everyone, and that means making room for any potential guests. Nobody likes having to stay in a guest room that is cluttered with stacked boxes and old clothing. Make them feel more at home by placing your extra items in a storage unit.

  1. Free up closet space

When it is going to be 80 degrees every day, there is no need to clutter your closet with your fur coats and heavy sweaters. Place those items in a storage unit so you can leave more room for cooler clothing that will be more appropriate for the weather.

  1. Have a place for vehicles/boats

If you live near a body of water, it is safe to say that you will probably spend a lot of your summer days out on a boat. Having a summer storage unit available will be a perfect place to hold your boat while not out on the water. If you are going away for the summer, placing your vehicle in a storage unit may also be a safe idea, to ensure that it is locked away and not being tampered with while you aren’t home.

Now that most storage units come with a climate controlled option, there is never a better time to rent out a storage unit for the summer. Enjoy your summer with less clutter, and more freedom.

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