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Is a storage unit meant for you?

With most homes having some sort of storage space—attic, garage, or basement—homeowners tend to take too much advantage of this free available space. The hidden doorways turn into a hideaway of all things wanted, but unwanted to be seen. While this space seems like the best place

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Has your hobby taken over your home?

While everyone should have at least one hobby that they enjoy doing, certain hobbies such as being a collector, can begin to take up too much space. Especially for those who don’t live alone, the overflow of collectors’ items may bother those living amongst it. With storage

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Augusta GA Self Storage for the Holidays and Beyond

The holidays. For some they’re blessed occasions. You know, the fictional few who have perfect homes, perfect families, and even picture perfect pets that never shed. For the rest of us, they represent a series of choices. Do you keep the furniture and try to cram a

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Ways Self Storage Can Save You Money

Storage rental in Augusta GA and beyond can save your having to crawl up in your attic or down in your basement to get those seasonal items like holiday decorations and/or sporting gear. Such facilities can also give you a place to put your possessions when you’re

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Conserving Space

One of the easiest traps to fall into with self storage is clutter and disorganization.  Even with the best of intentions, over time people tend to get careless and begin shoving items into storage without thinking about the long-term consequences.  Once your self storage unit is taken

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Storing Equipment and Tools

Equipment Storage Are you using self storage for equipment and tools?  There are some important things you should know before you put anything into self storage.  These tips are not only for your safety, but also to protect your property while it’s in self storage. Empty fuel

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Things You Should NOT Put in Self Storage

Now is a good time to take a moment and talk about what you should NOT put into your self storage unit.  Sometimes it is easy to forget safety procedures and just put any old thing into storage without thinking about the consequences.  When you do that,

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Packing Your Boxes – Part 2

Last week we talked a little bit about materials you should use for packing for self storage.  Here’s the basic overview: use high-quality, sturdy boxes, and always use the proper packing material for safety and protection. Now we are going to talk about how to properly pack

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How to Pack and Store Fragile Items

When you are packing up your fragile items for self storage, you should follow the same basic rules as you would if you were moving, because in a sense, that is exactly what you’ll be doing with your boxes – moving them.  It is important to secure

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Inventory Documentation

Before you pack anything into boxes, you need to make sure you do an inventory and document everything you are putting into storage. You can do this a number of ways, whether simply keeping up with it using a notebook or a computer program. We would also

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