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Be smart when storing your vehicle

Whether you are storing a your vehicle for a few weeks while you go on vacation, or you need a place to park your collectible car that you never drive, there are a few steps you should take before leaving the vehicle locked in your unit.

Give it a wash. Clean the exterior of any dirt and grime, whether it is visible or not. Leaving your car dirty can potentially damage the paint, leading to easily avoidable problems.

Clean inside. Cleaning the interior of the car is just as important as the outside, especially if you are known to eat a snack while driving down the road. Throw out anything that is considered bug food friendly, and pull out the vacuum to get a deep clean from every crack and crevice. Leaving food debris no matter how small can attract unwanted bugs and pests that will take up home in your unused vehicle.

Change the oil. Especially if you are storing your vehicle for longer periods of time, changing the oil can make a big difference in keeping your car in good condition. Old oil can damage your tank overtime, whether you are driving or not—adding a fresh amount of oil will prevent any future damage that can cause bigger issues down the line.

Keep the battery at full charge. Although you won’t be driving your vehicle while it is in the storage unit, it still can slowly have its battery drained from the electronics that come equipped inside the vehicle. If you have the option, visit your storage unit every few weeks to start your car so the battery can recharge. Another option would be to unplug the battery all together, that way it won’t continue to be drained slowly for no reason.

Storing your vehicle may seem as simple as parking it and locking the door, but these precautions should all be followed to prevent future damage, and leave your vehicle in perfect condition for when you return.


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