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What not to store in your unit this winter

While colder temperatures here in the south don’t always show up in the early winter months, it is always best to prepare your unit for any surprise burst of cold weather that can often come out of nowhere. Unless you are renting out a unit that is climate controlled and can keep your valuables at a constant warm temperature, it is best to avoid storing items that can be easily damaged when they become cold.

Here is a list of items that you should avoid storing in your unit once the cold weather begins to appear.

Electronics – Items such as laptops and cellphones can be severely damaged by cold temperatures. The cold can actually zap your battery and cause it to lose its charge faster than normal, and lead to permanent damage. If you do have to store electronics with a battery, the best idea would be to remove the batteries and store those in a warmer or climate controlled area.

Televisions or Computers that have an LCD screen are also bad to store in cold weather, and can easily be damaged if the temperature drops below 30 degrees.

Canned foods and beverages – While most food never lasts long enough to be stored away, those that do—such as canned foods and bottled sodas—are not a good item to be store in the cold because it can lead to them exploding, leaving a big mess to clean, as well as attracting bugs or animals to your unit.

If you are unsure if a certain item is safe to store away in the winter, the best way to be safe is to purchase a climate controlled unit. Check out our rates and options for a unit that will work best for your items this winter!

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  1. This is some really good information about what to not put in a storage unit in the winter time. I know that it would be smart to think about for me to not put electronics in a unit. I wasn’t aware that electronics can be affected by the cold.

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