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Why storage units are perfect for college students

For college students, summer break is a time for relaxing, working part-time jobs, and for most—returning home to live with their parents until the next semester begins. Moving back in with parents is an easy way for students to save money between semesters, but it also means trying to find room and space for all the belongings that weren’t allowed to be kept in their college dorm or apartment.

Luckily for students, there is an easy alternative that eliminates the stress amongst themselves, and their parents. With the help from a self-storage unit, students have the availability of storing their college belongings for the summer without having to clutter up their parents’ home.

Items that are perfect for summer storage away from school include:


Living with your parents usually means they have plenty of bedding available in the guest room

-School materials

Summer vacation means no school work. Leave the textbooks and notepaper stored away.


Most college furniture is unnecessary when living at home with your parents. Store it away until you move back into the dorm or college apartment.


Store away any heavy winter clothes that you know you will not need during the summer. Closet space is probably limited and should only be taken up by the clothes you will need while staying with your parents for the summer break.

Finding a unit close to your college is the best way to guarantee an easy storing solution for when you both leave and return each semester. Hollywood Self Storage has three convenient locations throughout the August area which makes our units accessible no matter what part of town you live!

  1. We also deals in self storage service and have a number of clients who are students. Self storage services made it easy for students to move without any worries. It is cheaper and safe comparing to the rooms and hostels.

  2. I like your point that during summer vacations, you can leave your furniture and school materials stored away. I’m actually planning to study abroad soon. It’d be perfect if I could use a storage unit to store all of my possessions I won’t be taking with me on my trip.

  3. Very Interesting. I never thought about self storage this way before, thank you for your insight!

  4. I’ve been looking for some good self storage options, and I think that getting some help would be good. I’m glad you talked about being able to store bedding and old furniture. I think that being able to make some room in our home through putting some of this stuff into storage would be good! Thanks for the tips!

  5. Thank you for your post. This is excellent information of unit storage.

  6. Storage Units are an excellent idea for college students. Even just the smallest unit, can help keep your stuff put away so you can enjoy the summer.

  7. Great tips! I am helping my brother find some tips for self storage since he is renting for the first time. I hope it works out for him.

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